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Performance Planner

Let us help you find the regimine that works for your routine

You can customize your 24-hour nutrition based on your sport, training, and performance needs.

Formula 1
1 serving
All day
1 serving
All day
1 serving
Before workout
1 serving
During workout
Rebuild Endurance
1 serving
After workout
Rebuild Strength
1 serving
After workout
1 serving
A healthy meal for athletes
Daisy on the Ohoopee Formula 1 Container Label
Advanced hydration with bioavailable electrolytes
Daisy on the Ohoopee Hydrate Container Label
Nitric oxide precursor and creative supplement system
Daisy on the Ohoopee Prepare Container Label
Sustain Performance with dual-source carbohydrates and electrolytes
Daisy on the Ohoopee Prolong Container Label
Glycogen replacement and muscle recovery
Daisy on the Ohoopee Rebuild Endurance Container Label
Immediate and sustained muscle recovery
Daisy on the Ohoopee Rebuild Strength Container Label
Helps combat exercise-induced muscle inflammation
Daisy on the Ohoopee Restore Container Label